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Dear friend
You have come here to find out how to make real money with paid to click sites. This guide will show you step by step how to be a success, helping new users understand the fundamentals and really take advantage of paid to clicks true potential and in return helping the referral quality of all sites.
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This is 100% FREE to set up and manage , takes no more than 30 minutes a day to maintain and has allowed me to gain financial freedom and has payed for both my house and car..
I currently have 3 main accounts on PTC sites, each making me around $227.10 a day,

As far as eternal wealth goes this does not sound like much does it?

However when you add them all together it makes a very respectable $681.30 a day.

or $20,439 every 30 days , around $245,268 a year, WOW !!

All I do is log in to each of my accounts click a few ads, check my referrals, then log out again.
Below you will find payment proof of my earnings from last month alone...
$28,882.33 >      
This fantastic result is using the very same system I will show you, using only 3 accounts and NO DIRECT REFERRALS..

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Now I think you will agree that's very IMPRESSIVE !!!!!

Everybody knows there is money to made on PTC sites. Everybody tells you that direct referrals are the key to making real money in this game, well their wrong !!

On each of the PTC sites I use, you can rent referrals and its how you manage these, that determines weather or not you make money!!

Below you will see a full break down of the types of accounts and the money you will make

If you think I might have fabricated these figures follow the link below. Here you can play with the earnings calculator and see the results are 100% real.

Everybody needs a mentor..

The trick to making this size of money is managing your referrals effectively. Each of the sites I show you, give you the tools to do this but its understanding how to use these tools to your advantage that will make or break you.

I will teach you all the crucial need to know information you will ever need to make the same money as me!!

Above is a message on my Facebook from someone who recently received my course and started copying me. As you can see they saw this system boosted their earnings and gave them the results they wanted from day 1.

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money 

All You Have To Do, Is Copy Me!

I will show you.....

  • How to make the money to rent referrals for FREE
  • A full list of sites you should and should not use
  • A spread sheet to organise all sites
  • How to know what referrals to keep and what to recycle
  • How to use lock filters
  • How to use auto renew
  • How to organise your referrals so you can clearly see who is making you the most money
  • How to manage your budget so you can effectively manage referrals
  • How to use auto pay to your advantage
  • How to use flag filters
  • I will also show you how to make all the money you will need to get all this started and super charge it to get the same results as me in less than 6 months , I will show you how to do all this investing still NOTHING
  • you will get everything I use on a day to day basis to run this system
  • This guide will show you step by step how to copy me and make the same money as I do from start to finish.

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money 

You will also get a list of the top 20 most trusted and highest paying paid to click sites that you must join. These are all the sites I use everyday to make this life changing amount of money.

I will also reveal 2 secrets you will need to know to make real money with PTC , the simple fact is without knowing these 2 keys points you will not succeed!!!!!


What Will I get?

You will be getting exclusive access to this amazingly simple and astonishingly effective system, this really will change your life!!!

You will also get all my contact details for 24/7 support.

Like a lot of other sites I could offer you lots of different products and tell you they are free with this course. You know the type of sites I mean you see them all the time.

However if I did that I would strongly under value what I am offering you for this limited time.

I don't want to waste your time like a lot of other people probably have with "programmes" and "systems" that offer no solid foundation, any potential and will leave you feeling disappointed.

I will only give you information you need, information that is 100% useful and works.

As you can see this is my account balance now !!!!

Since discovering this amazingly simple and brilliantly effective system I have never looked back.

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money

Limited Offer
For this limited time you can now copy me with this step by step guide.


 amazingly its.....
On the 05/03/2013 the price will increase back up to $139.94.
This very low cost of $1.97 does not go in my pocket, this is to cover the cost of advertising to allow you to find this life changing guide I am practically giving away.

I can personally guarantee, if you copy what I do and use all the secrets I reveal, you can make your money back on day 1 !!!

I have so much confidence that you will succeed with what I show you, I will give you a 7 day money back Guarantee

This is a no quibble money back guarantee. I will not ask any questions or ask for any proof. If you think you wont be able to make any money with the secrets I reveal , I will give you your money back!!

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money
Why Such A Low Price ?

The thought might have crossed your mind that, if this information is so valuable and makes such a huge amount of money, then why am I practically giving it away? 

Well the truth is, times are hard for everyone right now, all you have to do is watch the news and all you hear are stories about people losing their jobs, the cost of living increasing etc. Everybody needs little bit of help right now and this is me doing my part.
 More to the point I am not one of these people who needs help, as you have seen I do not need the money. This system cost me nothing to develop , all it took was time and now for this limited time you can benefit from my hard work. This is just one man who is very lucky in life helping people become as lucky as him.

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money
My Life NOW
Because of this simple autopilot system, it has given me the freedom in life everybody wants. I now wake up without an alarm clock screaming at me, log onto my computer , check my emails, click a few ads, check my referrals and log off again.
Since discovering this life changing system I have now emigrated to the USA where I live in Florida with my beautiful wife and son. I still have my house in the UK which we return to 3 times a year.
I go on holiday 5-7 times a year. My son goes to one of the best schools, and I spend a lot of time on the golf course with my friends. I now have the life I always wanted and its all because of these simple points I implicate everyday.

Do you know what its like to live life without worrying how your going to pay that next bill, without living life on a budget? Do you no what its like to live life knowing you never need to worry about money again

Well now you have the opportunity to find out !!!

I Want To Copy You And Start Making Real Money


I have been following your course for 2 weeks now and have made $132.88. I am now projecting to make over $670 in the next 4 weeks. The constant support and updates through twitter and email have been a huge help. Thanks so much !
Umesh Batal Egypt.

Just a quick message to say thanks for the course it has really changed how I use paid to click sites. The system is so simple to follow and implicate and has given me a huge return for my time. I have made $1167.09 in my first 7 weeks. Your the best.
Bryn Pearce USA

I now have a golden account on Neobux and have made my normal months salary from my job in 18 days with one account. I didn't invest any money like you said I wouldn't have to and cant believe the money I am making. I cant stop looking at my accounts and refreshing my page to keep seeing my account balance getting bigger. Best course ever..
Michelle Pope Thailand.

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